Episode 5: Nathan Miller

Nathan Miller is largely known around the Peterborough music scene for the people he’s played with. Miller has been a regular guitarist with Musician Next Door alumna Hillary Dumoulin’s band, he’s played drums with a selection of bands playing a wide variety of styles.

But Miller is an accomplished musician with his own songs, his own sound and even his own band: Sun Valley, made up of a group of guys from his high school including the music teacher. This month on The Musician Next Door, Miller talks about working your way into the local musical scene, why going to school for something other than music seemed like a good idea at the time, and much more.

As always, the episode includes a recorded track by this month’s MND, in this case a song that Miller wrote for Sun Valley’s album, plus a song played live just for the podcast. Enjoy the podcast and come on out for the live show.

The Musician Next Door is the brainchild of Kerry Jayne McMaster and Stephen Stamp. Every month we’ll have a local musician join us to play some tunes and talk about their music and their lives. Then, a couple of weeks after the podcast drops, the musician will play live at Next Door at 197 Hunter Street West. This month, catch Nathan Miller at Next door at 9 pm on Friday, September 27.

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