Episode 6: Evangeline Gentle

Evangeline Gentle is breaking through in the music industry. Evangeline has been picked up by Coax Records, put our a self-titled debut album earlier this year and has been opening for established performers like Donovan Woods, Terra Lightfoot and Meghan Bonnell.

Since being named the Emerging Artist of the 2015 Peterborough Folk Festival, Evangeline’s career arc has trended steadily upward. This month on The Musician Next Door, we speak with Evangeline about the music, the activism as a queer individual who believes that we should all just treat each other with love and respect and the circus performers in the Gentle family history who passed down their love of and knack for performance.

The Musician Next Door is the brainchild of Kerry Jayne McMaster and Stephen Stamp. Every month we’ll have a local musician join us to play some tunes and talk about their music and their lives. Then, a couple of weeks after the podcast drops, the musician will play live at Next Door at 197 Hunter Street West. This month, catch Nathan Miller at Next door at 9 pm on Friday, September 27.

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