Episode 4: Lauryn MacFarlane

Lauryn MacFarlane has always felt music inside her and she’s always wanted to share it, for which we can all be grateful. MacFarlane is just 23 years old but is already making her mark in the music industry. She plays gigs regularly, earning a devoted following, and she is moving soon from Peterborough to Montreal to pursuit her art, including cutting a record.

The Musician Next Door was fortunate enough to catch up with Lauryn to record a podcast before she left. She’ll also, of course, be playing at Next Door at the end of the month, which is really right before she leaves for Montreal. Like, two days before she leaves.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and her songs: her recorded version of Never Changing Nowhere Town and a live to podcast performance of You.

The Musician Next Door is the brainchild of Kerry Jayne McMaster and Stephen Stamp. Every month we’ll have a local musician join us to play some tunes and talk about their music and their lives. Then, a couple of weeks after the podcast drops, the musician will play live at Next Door at 197 Hunter Street West. This month, catch Lauryn MacFarlane at Next door at 9 pm on Thursday, August 29.

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