Episode 3: Bruno Merz

Bruno Merz produces some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear. His songs transport you to another level of consciousness with their layered melodies and haunting vocals. That’s why we’re so excited to have him on Episode 3 of the podcast.

Once you get past the name confusion that Bruno always has to address and just focus on the music, you will be blown away by his sound. Bruno and his wife, dancer Dreda Blow, have lived internationally but now Peterborough is fortunate that they call our home their home as well.

Enjoy the conversation, including the story of how his song came to be featured on the movie Life As We Know It, his recent writing spree in California and much more.

The Musician Next Door is the brainchild of Kerry Jayne McMaster and Stephen Stamp. Every month we’ll have a local musician join us to play some tunes and talk about their music and their lives. Then, a couple of weeks after the podcast drops, the musician will play live at Next Door at 197 Hunter Street West. This month, catch Bruno Merz at Next door at 9 pm on Friday, July 26.

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