The Musician Next Door, Episode 1: Mike & Whit of Paper Shakers

The Musician Next Door is the brainchild of Kerry Jayne McMaster and Stephen Stamp. Every month we’ll have a local musician join us to play some tunes and talk about their music and their lives. Then, a couple of weeks after the podcast drops, the musician will play live at Next Door at 197 Hunter Street West.

Our first guests are Mike and Whitney Hall of Paper Shakers. The band is known for its energetic alt-rock. Mike & Whit are also a duo and their sound is a little different, a little more contemplative, a little more folk for the stripped-down sound of Mike on his guitar and Whitney’s soaring vocals.

Recorded live at Next Door, the podcast gives us a chance to learn about the genesis of ┬áPaper Shakers, their songwriting process and what’s coming up for the band and the duo. It also includes a recorded song by the full band and a captivating live performance of a not-yet-released song by Mike & Whit.

Enjoy the pod then come join us at Next Door on Friday, May 31. Doors open at 8 and Mike & Whit hit the stage at 9.

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